Saturday, November 12, 2011

IB#109: Vintage Weekend: Antique feel

For those who are quite fortunate to have a lovely home with a pretty spacious backyard, perhaps it could be the perfect place for an intimate wedding or a big family backyard function. For this wedding board, we got inspired by the retro feel of this bride’s dress and veil – maybe a little picket fence, glossy white mailbox, suburban nostalgia? For the ceremony, drape a basic patio umbrella with fabric and garlands. The best part is the gathering after you’ve said your vows, invite guests to lounge on picnic blankets, eat watermelon and homemade cake, drink lemonade and play croquet. And have plenty of pink balloons for the kids! Perfect for either summer or spring occasion!

Mood: home sweet home, antique look, backyard, lovely surburbia
Season: Spring, summer
Colors: picket fence white, lawn green, buttercream yellow, hints of pink, cornsilk, lemon chiffon, antique white
Photos: Top row from left: bride from Martha Stewart Weddings :: lily of the valley photo styled by Heidi Johannsen :: watermelon and croquet mallets from Well Wed :: white mailbox :: Row 2: pocket watch photo by Union Photo via Style Me Pretty :: sink-side flower via This is Glamorous :: umbrella ceremony canopy from Martha Stewart Weddings :: Row 3: bouquet and vintage stamps both from Martha Stewart Weddings :: peony bud photo by Ericka McConnell :: girls with balloons via {frolic!} :: cake photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy :: 
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