Friday, November 18, 2011

*Fancy Treats: A Lace feast

Hi Loves! we're so glad fabulous fridays have returned! We got so many new inspirations coming up -- and to get your heads up - do grab a fork and spoon because we all are going to have a lil lace feast for today...
One thing we know that Lace Cakes are having their "hot moments" right now and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have these pretty romantic, elegant confectionaries to give a beautiful touch of vintage charm to your wedding day. Check these these 20+ gorgeous scrumptious looking spread of cakes and treats Lace Wedding Cakes!  (Credit Belle)
Image source The Loveliest Day
Different pastel colors of lace and even buttons over a white cake look oh-so-pretty 

Image source (l-r) Beige cakes/white lace from Brides, mini cakes from Cake Ink Events
Beige cakes with white lace are so romantic. And what a bout laced mini-cakes? We think they make great features for dessert bars.
Image source (l-r) Square cake by Sweet & Saucy shop, Round cake from Lucy Dylan
Silver lace add these plain white cakes a touch of shine and a more modern approach. What do you like better square or round shape? 
Image source Lace cake (left) from Lucy & Dylan
As you can see in this image (left) lace cakes are perfect for rustic vintage weddings. If you are a classic bride, you'll love this embroiled and applique cake. It's our most favorite of this collection... very romantic...sigh**
Image source (l-r) My Sweet & saucy, Lavender cake by Real Simple
To make your cake match your color palette, consider to add tinted lace and accessories to a white cake  or do a colored cake with white lace details.
Image Source Style me pretty

Image source (l-r) Keni Turner, The Sweetest Thing Cake
Inspired your wedding cake on your wedding dress isn't only a hot trend, but also a beautiful way to add something sentimental. You don't believe me? Just take a look at this four beautiful cakes...

More Ideas and Inspiration...
Image source (l-r) black laced cake from Real Simple, whimsical cake
Image source: Vintage coral cake by Santa Barbara Wedding, bird topper cake,

Image source (l-r) brown lace cake by In Style, white flower cake by Call me cupcake

Image source (l-r) pink mini-cake, 1940's inspired lace cake by Topcake Cakes.

 Credits Belle

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