Friday, November 25, 2011

Fab fridays - The Sparkling Magic

Wow. One word to describe these fabulous photos. Cant help it, gotta share this. It's no secret that candlelight is universally pleasing, not to mention exceptionally romantic. (Credits Belle) OOhh...there’s something about these brilliant magic has effect on us... The spark of a match, the dancing movement, and how as it magically disappears in the air, .. like a magnet.. drawing them into this enchantment. So wedding planners & brides, therefore, never fail to appreciate the power of a good candle - or several hundred as this case may be! These images below follow features various spectacular setups where an endless amount of candles is the common factor. The overall effect is stunning .. So, incorporate this romantic element into your wedding d├ęcor - and you won’t regret it! 
Image source: Cinderella Project
On top of it, we adore these combination of candlelight and colorful flowers for an evening reception. Especially when used in long tables. 
Image source (l-r): Temple Gregory, In style
Another space can't get any more romantic than this.... and they didn't even use flowers... brilliant! 

Image source: photo by StudioThisIs | designed by Bliss Weddings and Events | via Style Me Pretty
These two opulent options are perfect for those classic brides who prefer the lavish feel of soft colors. 
Image source (left - right), Photo by Rebecca Kiger | designed by Bliss Weddings and Events), Photo by Gia Canali | via SMP
Candles can take an intimate outdoor reception from pretty to pretty amazing!
Image Source:  Top photo by Andrea Salvia | designed by Sugokuii Events | via JetFet)
Photo Credits , (left- right) Photo  via Pinterest, Photo by Bliss Photography | designed by NLC Productions and La Fete | via SMP)
Now, if your reception is indoors check these astonishing displays that would take your average country-club or hotel ballroom to a whole new level of gorgeousness. 

Photo Credits Top photo by True Photography | designed by Karen Tran; Bottom: photo by Beloved Weddings | designed by Karen Tran

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