Friday, November 18, 2011

Fab fridays: 6 Stylish Ways to create a Whimsical wedding

Ola you fab sweethearts! Its fab fridays & we loove getting all the ideas for your wedding inspirations. And for those of you with chic style lovers, we got another installment for sophisticated wedding ideas.. using "Paper Flowers"… which create a dreamy yet whimsical fairytale looklike wedding. Lets see how to incorporate these lovelies into your wedding in a super-stylish way.(Credits Belle)
1. Bouquets: If a bouquet entirely made out of paper flowers is too informal or whimsy for you. Consider the idea of incorporating paper flowers into a brooch bouquet. You would fit in the trend while maintaining the glamour on your look. On the other hand, if you’re still into natural flowers, brooch and paper or just paper bouquets, like theses gems, are excellent options for your bridesmaids. 
Image source Lisa O' Dywer
Image source (l-r) Wedding chicks, Sunny & stumpy

2. Wedding Cake: Paper flowers may just be the perfect element to bring color to a simple white wedding cake. They also look really cute on mini-cakes. Add a little sparkle to  any of the cakes in the second row.  , 
Image source (l-r) Mrs Priss, Modern day Soiree
Image source (l-r) NYC, Once wed
3. Ceremony Decor: Whoaaa...they're all about ROMANCE, the first set-up decor will surely be your cup of tea. Whereas the second decor is more about bringing a classic and romantic approach with additional candles.
Image source Love in Los Olivos
Image credit NYC wedding
4. Centerpieces: Combining paper flowers with natural flowers for your centerpieces would bring in a modern touch to your table decor. Paper flowers would come specially handy, when you want to incorporate into your centerpieces a color that natural flowers don't come on. Check for example this gray paper flowers. Now if glamour is what you are looking for gold or silver paper flowers may be a good choice.
Image credit NYC wedding
5. Table Runners: A cluster of giant paper flowers made out a fabulous table runner...don't you think?
Image source Merci NY
Image credit Rp scissors
6. Napkin Rings: These little paper dahlias used as napkin rings are a great tactic to add flair, color and style to your wedding tables in a more settle, yet pretty way. 
Image source Love in Los Olivos
Note: Remember to keep a comprehensive look by incorporating paper flowers into your wedding in more than one way.

Credits Belle 

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