Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Enamel painted vases

Ola sweets! we got GOOD NEWS for those of you who looooove to Paint, we got a perfect DIY  fun project to share today! Credits to Sugar & Charm So who says painting job isnt fun? Our inspiration of these vases came from a restaurant called El-Dorado Kitchen (photo end post). Its so amazing that fresh & modern design seems to be the eye-catching for a function these days. Gone were the days of plain & simple. We decide to opt for solid colors & trendy chic colors. Check out the outstanding green and white vases that are displayed on the white shelves below. Definitely we can make it into a wedding decor too! Let's make your occasion a chic yet cost-friendly version.
Three different sized vases, dishwasher safe PermEnamel paint (or similar brand - make sure read the paint descriptions) in Mediterranean Blue and White (or whichever color you prefer), PermEnamel Surface Conditioner from Michaels Arts and Crafts storepaper towels /newspapers, paint brush and a mixing bowl. 

1. Clean the vases with hot, soapy water. 
2. When they are completely dry, pour some surface conditioner in and cover the inside of the vase. Pour out the excess and let the vase dry. 
3. Get the exact color you envision by mixing your PermEnamel paints in a mixing bowl, then pour inside the vase.
4. Paint the inside of the glass using the paint brush to cover the inside surface. 
5. Once the vase is painted, lay it on a paper towel to let the thick paint drip off. You will be amazed at how much comes out! The longer it's upside down, the thinner the coating will be. We liked the thicker look so we only kept it upside down only for a few minutes. 
6. Turn the vase back over and touch up the drips inside. Every fifteen minutes you can even out the thickness on the bottom of the vase as the paint will start to collect. 
7. Let these dry over night and in the morning you should have a beautiful decor vase! 
**Remember these are only for DECOR. Don't drink out of them, and ... wouldn't even put water. See  the photo below ;)
See how brilliant they're all are... check out how amazing they look with the wall full of chopped wood!

Photo credit: Zan Passante, EDK

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