Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vintage Weekend: Love letters & ideas

For today's vintage inspiration, we want to bring you into the era of early 20th century where the oldest love letter in the world was written on a brick about 2,200 BC by a Babylonian to a lady named Kasbuya.  He wrote: “May the sun give thee eternal life”..
Now, we don’t often think of bricks as vintage.  As a matter of fact, when it comes to weddings, vintage usually conjures up images of delicate paper, sepia tones and off white lace.  All of these are the ingredients in today’s dream palette, along with some ideas on how to personalize your ultimate vintage wedding.
Inspiration: Vintage Photography
(Above: Photo by Elizabeth Messina; Photo booth design by Sasha Souza Events)
Here are some ideas how to instill these vintage love letters ideas into your wedding theme..

Bouquet Love Letters: How lovely would it be to incorporate some old love letters into your wedding bouquet, in a seamless and chic fashion.  Whether the letters are your own, your parents or some famous poets, words from the heart add a little wink to your overall style.  If you don’t want to part with actual letters, you can always make a copy, age the copy and then fold them into roses, as part of your bouquet.
(Above: Love letter flowers by Emersonmade; Centerpiece via here)
Love Letter Chocolate Favors:  Convert your love letters into wrappings for cute sugary favors.  After making a copy of your letter (outer lining), pair it with wax paper (inner lining), double sided tape and pre-cut chocolate bars for some really chic candy bars.  You could get huge slabs of chocolate from wholesale department stores along with a pair of gloves and a cutting board to recreate your very own Willie Wonka factory, sizing the chocolate to whatever size you want.
(Above: Photo by Elizabeth Messina)
Handwritten Match Box Favors: Many craft stores sell plain cardboard boxes of all sizes, included matchboxes.  If you used a gel ink pen, you could make your match boxes personal and less likely to get tossed.  Stencils are always a viable option if you are unsure of your penmanship.
(Above: Photo by Max Wanger)
Sigh... in a way they're such a perfect way to rediscover the art and romance of the written word.

Courtesy Wedding Nouveau

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