Monday, October 31, 2011

{Trend Alert} Hanging decor

Talk about making a statement from floor to ceiling… While a ceiling may not be the first thing in your wedding d├ęcor list, it presents a unique blank canvas for you to transform. Like the rest of your venue it can be customized to suit your wedding. Hanging decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for. (Credit source Belle The magazine )
This idea applies flawlessly to outdoor weddings, when it comes to decorating the gazebo, tent, or even just overhanging branches.
On the other hand, some indoor venues allow you to hang up decorations without requiring even the slightest change, and some may require an extra touch of creativity.
What you can do with a ceiling greatly depends on where your wedding is being held. Get some inspiration from the following gallery.  
Image credit The Loveliestday.

Mason Jars: A “must have” for a rustic-chic wedding. We have seen them around use for centerpieces and favors, but without a doubt, hanging them is the prettiest way to incorporate them into your special day. You can fill them with flowers during the day and with candles at night… 
Image credit Everythingfab
Frames: Picture frames look so pretty and add a sentimental value. But these frames with flowers are simply BEAUTIFUL.
Picture credit (l-r) Bridalsnob, Styleme Pretty
Chandeliers: These chandeliers not only add a fantastic fairytale feel, but often contribute to the lighting mood of the event! Here are some more images to encourage you to get chandeliers at your wedding. 
 Picture credit Bella magazine
Picture credit (l-r) Bridalsnob, Pinterest
Paper lanterns: They are by far the most popular hanging decor option out there, not only because they are pretty and easy to set up, but also because they can be used to supply additional light.
Image Source Pinterest
Glass Spheres: These pretty bubbles are so popular right now. You can fill them with flowers for a day-wedding and with candles at night. 
Picture credit Inspirations.prestonbailey

Curtains: Use flowers, ribbons, paper, etc. 
Image credit Belle The Magazinel
Image credits (l-r) Guavalife, Pinterest
Lighting Boxes: Thes boxes filled with candles and decorated with flowers are also another decor option you can consider. 
Image credit Belle The Magazine
Flowers, Branches, etc.
Pic source Tantawanbloom
Picture credits (l-r) Ruffledblog , The Bridescafe
Image source Pinterest
Image source Pinterest

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