Thursday, October 20, 2011

IB#90: Mint-me-lovely

Helooo sweets. We're in for more ideas for your wedding.
We got more coming up -- stay tuned to our site :)

Back to our daily fix - Since Green is the new Black - we propose this palette in MINT!
Awesome color isnt it?

There's something so refreshing & vibrant about this palette. Its exciting when you can use these gorgeous green plants & delicious cake-pops (the're so IN) in your theme. Makes it more eco-friendly & soothing...and of course green weddings has always been a popular choice! What say you?

Mood: Soothing & calm, refreshing, excitement, eco-friendly, vibrant
Season: Spring
Colors: Mint green, jungle green, mantis, paris green, pigment green, spring green
Photos: Bride :: Photography by Sarah Yates Photography :: Cake pops :: Photography by Sarah Yates Photography :: Mint macarons :: Event Planning + Design by Stellar Events :: Photography by Millie Holloman Photography :: Potrait photo :: Photography by Sarah Rhoads Photographers :: Vintage bouquet :: Event Design by Signature Events, LLC :: Photography by Erica Velasco :: Rings :: Photography by Carla Ten Eyck Photography :: Cakes :: Photography by Sarah Yates Photography ::

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  1. It is amazing what a simple little phone camera can do. Love the shots, especially the last one!
    Maternity Photographer


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