Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fab fridays: Lavender classy

Lavender is the ancient herb of love and devotion. These lavender flowers are timeless, classy and romantic. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find these pretty bouquets and unique lavender favors at your wedding. The lovely scent that fills the air on your special day will have your guests remembering your wedding day fondly for many years to come. Here is some inspiration for a lavender wedding decor.

Purple and power have always been linked. In ancient Rome, purple dyes made from mollusks were so rare only the very rich could afford them. Today, the lovely hue bedecks bouquets, dresses, decorations, and desserts, but it still maintains an aura of elegance and richness. For a classic look, pair a deep purple with blues and browns; for a modern edge, accent lavender with bright green or yellow. Either way, purple is sure to ignite the passion in you.

 Your lavender wedding invitations:

 Your lavender wedding guest name tags:

Your lavender wedding cup cakes:

Your lavender wedding favors:

Your lavender wedding cakes:

Your lavender wedding tablescapes:

Do you smell the lavender already?
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