Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vintage Weekend: Hot Hairstyles

It's fashionable, its romantic... you guessed it, it is the Vintage wedding style! Originally, the term was designating British manufactured cars produced between 1915 and 1942, then it’s meaning was taken over by today’s fashion and it refers to everything that “is old… and … the old ancient”, but at the same time glamorous and mysterious. Many brides today wear retro styles, with good reason.

They have an unique style and are also very stylish. Retro hairstyles are a remembrance and protrude from the traditional loops or coils worn today. Combining vintage accessories with loops and light curls, you will have a great Vintage wedding hairstyle.

Natural Flowers
Beside the veil and the hairstyle, you can incorporate some fresh flowers. In many retro hairstyles are used fresh flowers in the back of the head, right in front of the veil. You can catch the flowers in the face veil or on the side of the head above the ears. These styles were very popular in the 1940s.

Bridal hair combs

Bars, pins and combs are the base of many retro wedding hairstyles. For example, a pearl accessory completes the vintage picture very wonderful. If you wear your hair pinned into a loose bun, fix it using a vintage comb. If you have your hair let loose, you can use pins to control these rebel hairs.

Curly hair was in vogue in the years 1920 to 1930. Waves were strongly fixed and they were following the shape of the head. They are suitable for shorter hair, but can be achieved also at a medium length hair. To do this hairstyle, wet your hair and apply a generous amount of foam or gel while your hair is wet. Choose the point from which to begin your curls and put your big finger alongside that point.
Get a comb, and press it with your finger into sections of 2 inches, comb your hair until you will obtain the wanted curls. Without getting it up, fix the comb on the scalp. Position it with 2 inches below and repeat the process until you get a new curl. Continue until you have curled all the hair. Let your hair dry and loosen up little curls with your fingers.

Loops created with those hair
Such loops were in vogue throughout the 1920s. They can be achieved with the help of hair pins. Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of gel or foam. Take the narrow sections of hair, twist them until you get a circular shape and fastened them tight on the head with hair pins. Once your hair is dry, let your loose your curls with your fingers. Apply hair spray to fix. This vintage wedding hairstyle is best for shorter hair on the chin.

Source & credits: my biggest day 
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