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Thursday Heelsday - Pick the right wedding shoes

Our closets are filled with footwear of all kinds, from sexy stilettos and cute ballet flats to cosy winter boots and comfortable old running shoes.
We never seem to find it very hard to find a gorgeous new pair of shoes… until it comes to looking for shoes for our wedding day. Then it gets a little more difficult!

These shoes not only have to fit and make our feet look gorgeous, but they have to go with the dress, be comfortable enough to wear all day and be in theme with the wedding location and season. Nowadays most brides are also looking for shoes they can wear again. So how to choose? Here are a few of the hottest trends around.

Platform heels

Super high heels made wearable with the addition of a platform at the front of the shoe are bound to be a hit with petite brides wanting to stand tall on their big day. Very fashionable at the moment, these shoes are not for the faint hearted or for anyone who is not used to wearing high heels. Even if you are a stiletto veteran, these may take some practice! They look fantastic with shorter cocktail dresses as legs look like they go on for miles, and with very long dresses to give the illusion of extra height. They are not the most comfortable of shoes to dance in however, and are not practical for outdoor venues where they will likely sink into the soft ground.

Cute flats

The priority for many of today’s’ brides is to have as much fun as possible on their wedding day, and this means being comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort however as there are plenty of beautiful flats out there nowadays. From simple ballet pumps to embellished sandals, there is plenty to choose from whether you want them as your main wedding shoes or as a spare pair for when your feet get tired from wearing heels! Flats are also great for beach weddings and garden parties, as you are unlikely to trip in them.


From simple flower clips to extravagant ribbons and bow, from soft fabric twists to glittering brooches, feathers and Swarovski crystal designs embellishments are big news in the world of wedding shoes. The growing popularity of shorter wedding dress styles means that shoes are grabbing centre stage and becoming more extravagant.


It’s your wedding,  so you should wear head to toe white, right? Not necessarily! Just as dresses in colours other than white are gaining a foothold (from pastel hues to red and even black), so are shoes in various shades. You can go for a subtle pastel tone, a bright fruity colours or sexy metallics – whatever colour you fancy, there  will be the perfect shoe for you. The great thing is, if you are going for a traditional white dress any colour will go, and will add an offbeat, modern edge to your wedding outfit.

The basic rule for wedding shoes is… there are no rules!
You can wear whatever shoes you want.

We do have a few tips on choosing your trend wisely however.

  • **Remember to try the shoes on with your dress. They might look perfect in the shop, but then be the wrong style or colour when you actually get them home.
  • ***Also remember to wear them around the house before your wedding day to soften the material and prevent blisters.
  •  New shoes can also be very slippery on the bottom, so try sanding the soles with rough sandpaper or scoring them with a pair of scissors to reduce the risk of taking a tumble.
  • Most of all, get a pair of shoes you love and that you can walk in, and you are bound to look and feel great even after being on your feet all day at your wedding. Not only that, but you will have a great pair of shoes to wear again and again!
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