Friday, September 30, 2011

Fab fridays: Creative & Edible favors

Hi fabulous fridays are back! For today's article inspirations: we thought we'd like to share with you on creative bits & edible favors for your wedding prep! enjoy!

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Anyone who knows us, knows that we have the loooove for food. A lot. A whole lot. That's why  we get so excited for ideas on edible wedding favors that go beyond traditional chocolates. Here are some of my thoughts on how to go fantastically foodie for your wedding favors. Yum!

  •  Go local. If you have a lot of guests coming from out of town, or if you are particularly enamored with the area where your wedding is taking place, incorporating local produce or food specialties can be a super fun way to get your guests excited about your city. Working with local resources can also be a fabulous way to help "go green" with your wedding planning. In Seattle I might give out my favorite locally roasted coffee inside tins decorated with custom labels, pretty little espresso cups filled with chocolate covered espresso beans, or coffee flavored desserts like these homemade coffee truffles and rich espresso fudge brownies from Martha Stewart. I might also go for delicate bags of locally grown cherries or bottles of wine produced in Eastern Washington.

Photos: Espresso cups from :: truffles and brownies from Martha Stewart :: custom polka-dot tins from Sophie's Favors ::  specialty teas from ::

  • Share your favorite things. Do you love, love, love malted milk balls, but your fiance prefers red licorice? Fill two little truffle boxes with a bit of each, tie them together with ribbon and add a tag with a description of why they're your favorites. If you love sweet and he loves salty, have a snack buffet filled with candy, chocolates, pretzels, popcorn, etc. for people to scoop into little bags on their way out the door. If your family has a secret recipe that you have grown up loving, even if it's unusual, give out little portions and explain where it comes from and why it's so special. I've seen one bride give mini jars of her mom's famous strawberry jam, and another give out jars of pickled veggies that she and her fiance made together.

Photos: Jam from :: white square goodie boxes from Martha Stewart Crafts ::  jars of fennel pickles from Duisterhof Photography :: sweet and salty candy buffet from Studios ::

  • Give them food to go. Every time I've received a party or wedding favor that is meant to be eaten later that night, or the next morning for breakfast, it has always seemed so thoughtful and I've always been grateful to have it. Give your guests a little bag filled with delicious granola, scones or pastries from your favorite bakery along with some fancy tea for a breakfast favor. If you think your wedding is going to go well into the wee hours, prepare a midnight snack favor- try a little box with Krispy Kreme (or other local) donuts or your favorite late night snack food to revive their energy after hours on the dance floor.

Photos: Doughnut favors in bags from Image Photography :: doughnut favors in a box, jam and scone favors :: homemade granola favors from ::

What are your favorite foodie favors? Share your great ideas, we want to know what you love!

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