Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays - DIY Hanging String Doilies

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Today's creative we simply want to feature these beautiful Hanging Fabric/String Doilies article from Tatertots And Jello. These lovelies are among the newest sweetest trends decor; perfect for any type party & also perfect for wedding theme events. Aren't they so sweet?!

Read on To know How to DIY em'.. 

Fabric doiley 4
1. Let's get started with 6 inch and 4 inch paper doilies. First, cut off the lace edges and used the center circles as templates to cut out the fabric circles.
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2. Mixed equal parts of fabric stiffener and water, brushed it onto the circles and let them air dry.
Fabric doiley 1
3. When they dry a bit wrinkly, ironed them flat on a low heat setting, then folded them in half and ironed down the crease.
Fabric doiley 5
4. Using 2 doilies, folded those in half as well, and paper clipped them together so that they wouldn't shift while sewing them.
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5. Next, slipped one of the creased and stiffened fabric circles under the paperclips on each side of the doilies.
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6. Begin sewing a straight stitch down the center of the doilies and fabric circles, using the creases as a guide, and left a 3 foot long string at one end.
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7. To make these fabric circles to lay flat against the doilies, so use a thin squiggle of hot glue to secure them in place.
Fabric doiley 6
8. Open up the folded sides of the doilies and glued 2 coordinating fabric circles onto those as well.
Fabric doiley 7
9. You could leave the alternating sides blank. You can also have alternate colors as part of decor.
Fabric doiley 2
10. Do make several fabric doilies in different sizes and pattern combinations, and hung them from the ceiling or any potential decor area.
Mobile 9Mobile 15
11. To spread the fabric around the room, add some pops of color, and still leave a light touch.
Mobile 3
Arent the details on the these doilies so sweet....and the bursts of color are just too fun!
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Courtesy article & photos tatertotsandjello
Coutesy intro lurvyu

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