Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays - DIY Cupcake Liners garland

When we stumble cross this cute idea, it immediately reminded me of the doily garland (yet to be featured) that we made for our wedding. What a great way to add some color and texture to a party or shower and use some of those leftover cupcake liners. Every time I buy decorative liners, I am inevitably left with a small stack in my cabinet that never get used. Not anymore.
Here is a lovely tutorial that walks you through making the purely cupcake liner garland without flattening them. The one below incorporates fabric, tulle, and ribbon along with the cupcake liners – giving it a bit more texture. For this garland you will most likely require more wrappers (or fabric) to prevent the garland from hanging like this.

First you will need cupcake casing, simply few hard wrapper materials (or hard fabric), scissors, string/ wire, lace ribbon & sewing kit 
 Next cut the the hard wrappers according the shape of the cupcake case.
 Easy-peasy -just sew in the middle & tie with the string wire
 Towards the end, tie a lil lace ribbon at the edge to create a finish touch.
 Article courtesy Leftoverlemons

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