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Vintage Ideas: How to re-create a vintage reception

Hi we're back with Vintage weekend inspirations!  For this week we want to explore further on re-creating a vintage wedding reception for your wedding. Vintage lovers- do take note...

The vintage wedding reception is warm, yet elegant, with a charm that persist over time by its unique beauty. In order to organize a wedding in a vintage style you must love the warm and welcoming atmosphere, to be an incurable romantic and like the look of very old things, magnificent, made with great care and delicacy.

 The Color palette
The decor should include warm colors, neutral, sweet, but slightly strident, breaking down easily the neutral atmosphere. Use pale colors of pink, brown, hot chocolate, white and beige. 

Where to get them?
You can buy vintage items from shops that sell antiques or old things, you can get cages, chandeliers, silk flowers, wooden bowls and boxes with embroidery, silk or embroidered fabrics in the old style. Key objects are impressive framed mirrors, and flowers worked in plaster, in warm colors of those years the (cream, gold, brown). The used fabrics should be imposing and should have a royal air, silk, heavy fabrics, embroidery, velvet. Use large pictures that brings images of those times, taking care to match well the colors. Wrought iron candle holders and carefully crafted chandeliers bring a touch of brightness of that time. 
Picture source getmarriedideas
The Wedding Attire
The couple’s outfit should not be in contrast with the vintage wedding reception. Choose old jewelry, pearls or solid gold, presenting flowers, or other elements of nature, worked in filigree technique. Wedding invitations can be engraved or written on old paper with a pen, clipped to the edge with ribbon or lace. The wedding favors may consist of embroidered handkerchiefs like of those times, the old-silvered glass, in glazed candy in your wedding’s colors, with embroidery and served in vintage style packaging, pencils, boxes of tobacco.
Picture Source ProjectWedding
The decor
The wedding flowers for decoration must have a wild look, less elegant or exotic. For example, you can choose from lilac, peony, violets, bride’s flower, hydrangeas and a lot of green.
Ambient music can be jazz, but still choose fun music for your guests so that each of them dance at least once.
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Picture Source: Signatureweddingasia

A Marie Antoinette themed. Courtesy Signatureweddingasia

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Picture source Projectwedding
french romance. Source picture

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