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Creatives tuesday: - 2 in 1 favor + decor for em'

Hi. for those looking for DIY homemade wedding gifts inspirations; here's one for thought- why not kill 2 birds in 1 stone?.. meaning make these decor also your wedding favors. Not only you can have a beautiful decor centrepieces also you can give your guests as a gift afterwards. Its perfect for simple and budget weddings...
here's how...

Flower-Topped Favor Boxes

These fabric flowers atop candy boxes are lush and abundant, just as wedding flowers should be. And they're also wonderfully easy and inexpensive, just as wedding favors should be. To make them, snip fabric flowers from their stems, and hot-glue a single bloom to the top of each cardboard candy box. Fill the boxes with sugared almonds or other sweets, and then cluster them on a tray or table.

Garden Favors 

If you're planning a garden wedding, why not give plants as favors? For a our kinda weather, you can pot up succulents, which are beautiful desert plants. Succulents store moisture in their leaves, stems, or roots, allowing them to withstand periods of drought. (The cactus, a plant most people are familiar with, is also a succulent, but for a wedding, go with something less prickly.)
You can order succulent cuttings by mail. Some of the varieties we particularly like include Aloe vera, hens and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum), Sedum acre, and Echeveria.
To pot up succulent cuttings as wedding favors, you'll need small, pretty pots, cactus soil mix, and small clay shards to cover the holes in the bottoms of the pots. The ends of the succulent cuttings should be callused over before they are potted; a freshly cut succulent put in moist soil or water will rot if it has not had time to dry. Make holes with a pencil for the cuttings, insert them, and fill up the pot with cuttings. Succulents favor arid conditions, so don't over-water them, and always let the soil dry out between waterings.
Group the pots on the tables, as centerpieces, at your reception, with a card in each pot with the guest's name on it. To make a simple card holder, take a 16-inch-high length of fabric covered floral wire, and use needle-nose pliers to form one end into a spiral. Insert the cards in the rings of the spiral, and these living wedding favors will be complete.

Potted Orchids

Perfect as a centerpiece for the party or as individual guest favors (perhaps at a shower), stunning orchids emerge from terra-cotta pots painted white and arranged on saucers; a butterfly-shaped tag on a thin wire holder hovers over each plant.

Favor Centerpieces: Garden to Go

 A cluster of potted zinnias adds charm to the table at a country or casual wedding. A sign next to the display asks guests to "Please pick one." The pots are painted with acrylic paint to match the flowers. The theme that inspires the favor continues at each place setting: Seeds packaged in glassine bags are attached to each of the tented place cards with yellow twine that is inserted through two small punched holes, then tied in a bow. Directions for planting are printed inside the cards.

Daffodil Favors

A host, of golden daffodils/beside the lake, beneath the trees/fluttering and dancing in the breeze." We love daffodils as much as William Wordsworth did -- they herald spring's arrival. Here, budding bulbs bought from a local nursery are nestled into sake cups beneath beds of rocks. To turn them into take-home favors, use a rubber stamp to imprint planting instructions onto wooden posts. If you prefer dormant bulbs, buy them online in the fall.

Read more at Marthastewartweddings.com: DIY Wedding Favors & Gifts – Martha Stewart Weddings

Flaunt Your Favors

Presentation is everything, goes the old adage. And when it comes to your wedding favors, this rings especially true. Like the tokens themselves, the display doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive to be significant. Something as simple as embellishing clear bags with printed fabrics elevates mere candy to something special. Likewise, placing pots of flowers at varying heights on a plate stand turns simple gifts into a grand gesture, while innovative wrapping lets you delight with little more than paper and ribbon. Or consider a more interactive arrangement, such as a sweets station where your guests can assemble their own bright boxes of chocolate. You'll find these and other fresh takes for inspired presents, along with instructions for re-creating them, on the next pages. Here's to doing your guests a favor they'll remember.

Flower Boxes

Boxes topped with flowers make a beautiful centerpiece; a table number is embroidered onto ribbon encircling the largest box. Inside, the stems sit in water bottles stabilized by crumpled paper. Favor boxes, which contain nonpareils, double as place cards.
Tools and Materials
Quilling paper (enough to wrap around lid and overlap slightly)
Small boxes
Double-sided tape
A peony or a few ranunculuses
Utility knife,
Plastic flower tube
Flower Boxes How-To
1. Have a calligrapher inscribe each strip of paper with a guest's name in pink gouache (an opaque ink). Tape paper around edge of box lid.
2. Using a utility knife, cut an opening in the center of the lid.
3. Cut off top of flower tube so it's just shorter than box. Add a bit of water to tube. Insert flowers into tube; insert tube into lid.
4. Fill box with nonpareils (leave room for flower tube); close box.

 White Favors

A wedding favor may be almost anything: beautiful, ethereal, precious, ephemeral -- even impractical. The only thing it must be is symbolic.

It should serve to remind your friends and relatives of their participation in the union of two people and two families. It is an offering to your guests, one that expresses your gratitude.
A favor need not be elaborate to be expressive. Some favors here, such as the candles wrapped in corrugated paper and the groom's cake boxes, are rather simple and can be assembled quickly. Others, such as the dragee compote and the framed monogram, require a little more planning. All of them will give you the opportunity to rediscover the reason we give favors in the first place. "The best favors use the imagination," says Joy Lewis of Mrs. John L. Strong Fine Stationery in New York City, "which is always the most personal and meaningful way to go about giving a gift."
A thoughtful favor will add a distinct touch to your wedding. At the same time, it can round out and connect an overall theme or color scheme; the wedding favors on these pages, for instance, were all created in shades of white. Whatever motif you choose, you're likely to find that wedding favors have an impact all out of proportion to their size.

Fresh-Cut Favors

The band has stopped playing, the last guests are leaving, and there, in the middle of each table, are the still-lush sweet peas and ruffly ranunculus you took so much time to choose. Instead of abandoning your centerpieces to an uncertain post-party fate, encourage guests to tote them home -- they wanted to anyway -- by setting out centerpieces that double as favors. We used vases, but any small vessel will do; fill with blooms and place the mini-arrangements on cake stands.

Green Gifts

These mini terrariums make chic table decor when grouped en masse -- and they double as favors, too! Just place sand and rocks in the bottom of a fishbowl votive holder.
Carefully set small succulents among the rocks -- securing them, if necessary, with toothpicks -- and quench their thirst with a dropper. Bubbleball 4 3/4-inch vase.

Source MarthaStewartWeddings

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