Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Team

~The team behind this diary..
It all started when there were these brides-to-be
who always gathers & planning excitedly about their upcoming nuptials.
They were a few moments away to their biggest days of their lives...
There were so much to do
yet so much to begin...
and so much to hope for....

As time goes by,
finally their wedding day arrives,
and everything went the way they dreamed & wished for...

After going through
all the drama, chaos & the lovely 3-days reception
they realise they got so much info to pass down

So these lovely new brides
came to us with all their knowledge & wisdom
and hoping to give the other brides to be
a lil bit of FYI for their planning & preparation.

And so here we are...
hoping we can make a difference
in brides to be who needs to be inspired
for their upcoming lovely moments.

So this is how it all begun........