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Sunday, July 31, 2011

IB#34: Vintage ideas: Lets rewind time

Hi we're back for weekend postings! For this inspiration we combine something old with something new. This concept is simple but yet classic. Check out above we got: pewters, vintage white decors & furnitures, lace and classic china.  These timeless pieces are among  favorites for brides who loves to incorporate classic theme in a modern era. Like we said it simple yet beautiful...

Mood: classic, retro, romance,
Season: Spring, autumn,
Colors: ivory, rustic edges of palette, pewter colors, sepia, umber, wenge
Photos: Bride & groom with vintage car :: Three Nails photography :: classic china table setting :: The Nichols photography :: Favors with china setting :: The Nichols photography :: Pewter tray :: floral + event design :: Mindy Rice :: Event planning + design :: Lisa Vorce :: Elizabeth Messina Photography :: Decor and scenary :: Marianne Taylor Photography :: Cake toppers bride & groom :: lace toppers :: Decor candle in lace wrapper :: Event planning + design :: Interwind Events :: Brittany Rene Photography :: Macaroon decor vintage birdcage :: The Nichols photography :: 

Weekly Roundups - 3/7

Hi. its our weekly roundups posting.
This is the last weekend till the new month; the newcoming Ramadhan. for our muslim frens + fans, happy fasting and hapy feasting to others...have a good weekend peeps!

[Vintage Wedding Ideas]
[Inspire-me-boards (mon-fri)]
[Inspiration Tid bits]
[Thursday Heels Story]
[Friday Wedding inspirations]

Friday, July 29, 2011

IB#33: Save my Fun date

We're so in the mood for weekend! For this inspiration we use easy pezzy color templates to get the chill relaxing going. Perfect for a non-formal wedding affair too. So who says wedding isnt about fun?

Mood: relaxed, preppy
Season: Summer, spring
Colors: driftwood, pale blue, lobster red
Photos: bride and groom with balloons :: Nibs :: ice cream with paper+cup, wooden spoons :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: Cape Cod ::  Maverick Charters :: linen ring pillow :: Eunice’s wedding :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: dahlias in mason jar vase :: Wedding Style Guide :: lobster lollipops :: Martha Stewart Weddings:: Rubber stamp :: save the date :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: lobster save-the-date :: Linda & Harriett :: Karlisch photography :: blue striped straws :: Kelly Oshiro Events :: lobster bib :: Bird & Banner :: DIY programs with bakers twine :: Leigh Miller :: red checked napkin :: dahlias in galvanized bucket :: Real Simple :: blueberry pie :: homemade ::

Source Snippetandink

Fab fridays: Lit up my wedding

wedding candle centrepieces
Hi. Its T.g.i.f! today's friday postings more for those who still brain-storming on Wedding Inspiration ideas for their wedding.

I still find candles are the utmost classic centrepiece of all times. It brings out the romance mood and are really able to transform a wedding party into an elegant one. Try to imagine when the bride and the groom are entering the auditorium, the hall will be full of smiles looking at them, like a sea of smiling faces.

decorative candle centrepieces
The availability of candles light in the room will give an romantic and sweet impression like constellations. And around the room, flowers candles centerpieces give light each table like floral bonfires. What a wonderful scenery. You will also see a table full of your loving friends and goodwill sitting around each of the candle wedding centerpieces. The existence of wedding table centerpieces is able to create the atmosphere on which your wedding reception will be a special and momentous moment that each person coming will always remember it.

floating candle
The guests will say on the triumphal entrance of the bride and her groom, but the wedding candle centerpiece is a mood builder. It will give a obvious sign to the guests in the room that it is a special night arriving them a special place of magic and romance. Your guests will feel very special from every single thing you arrive like the little accents and flourishes, the floral wedding centerpiece, the cards, and even the napkins you use.

fall wedding decor candle centrepieces
unique ideas candles centrepieces

The guests will say on the triumphal entrance of the bride and her groom, but the wedding candle centerpiece is a mood builder. It will give a obvious sign to the guests in the room that it is a special night arriving them a special place of magic and romance. Your guests will feel very special from every single thing you arrive like the little accents and flourishes, the floral wedding centerpiece, the cards, and even the napkins you use.

Source Sangmaestro

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Heelsday - Ivory classy

Ivanka Trump pumps
Its lovely heels day! Today we wana show you our loves for lil Ms Trump's gorgeous pumps.

Ivanka Trump Dimund 2 - Ivory Multi Fab

If you're searching for a one of a kind classy pump then look no further! This elegant style from Ivanka Trump brings you an ivory satin heel adorned with lace. Dimund 2 has a 4 inch heel and a 1/2 inch platform, with slight gathered detail and faux circular rhinestone embellishment in the center. Such a classy accesories for a wedding and perhaps fabulous for any other elegant affair as well.

IB#32: Rossa Corsa, i love you

Ohlala Sexy thursdays! We are still fascinated by our loves for red on today's inspirations. For this board, we focus more on the old fashioned red add up with a lil rustic & classic touch in their decor & arrangement. What amazes us more about this palette is that the sexy & boldness red actually speaks louder on bringing out an elegant affair.

Mood: sexy, bold, elegance
Season: Summer
Colors: Rossa corsa, burgandy, mahagony, maroon
Photos: bride walking down the aise in Marchessa :: brides :: Lil pavlova desserts :: Bellafotografika :: floral design & arrangement :: La Belle fleur wedding design & events :: table decor centrepiece & arrangement :: mimmo + naz photography :: event design :: Cynthia Martyn Events :: floral design :: Fuscia Design :: red petals in basket :: floral & event design :: Mindy rice :: Event production & design :: Lisa Vorce :: Aaron Delesie Photography :: Groomsmen wear :: Jose Villa Photography :: Floral arrangement :: Boutonniere :: Rings & floral design :: A New leaf :: Coordination :: Wedding Sensational :: The Popes Photography :: Maroon Guess Open toe pumps :: Mimmo + naz photography :: Event design :: Cynthia Martyn Events :: Floral design :: Fuscia Design :: invatations Stationary :: Jamie Grenough Photography :: Wedding cake :: Lisa Lefkowitz photography :: wedding planning :: MAP Events :: floral design :: Birch ::

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

IB#31: Retro Scarlet & mint

Its a lovely day isn't it? for today's inspiration we thought of something  retro and sassy would be fun. So, how about a ruffled tea length dress and a blue birdcage veil for the bride? And lots of fun patterns in bold colors, on bridesmaid dresses, table runners and letterpress coasters. This palatte proven red & green can be fun working side by side for a wedding!

Mood: retro, bold, fun & sassy
Palette: mint blue green, poppy red, scarlet red, rosso corsa, persian green
Season: Spring
Photos: Red carnation centerpiece :: grapefruit mint mojitos :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: aqua birdcage veil :: Silvana di Franco :: toile dress with red necklace :: Tara Whittaker ::  peony stem photo :: Elizabeth Messina :: vintage car photo :: Kate Murphy :: teal wedding cake with pleated paper decorations :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: ruffled wedding dress photo :: Duston Todd :: calligraphy tag :: Betsy Dunlap :: shoe painting :: Janet Hill Studio :: Blah Blah Blahg :: Lomography Diana camera :: Urban Outfitters :: letterpress peony coasters :: Ruby Press :: Poppytalk photography ::

Source Snippetsandink

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creatives tuesday: Homemade centrepieces Ideas

Beautiful Candlelight wedding Centerpiece
Weddings are very special and every bride and groom tries to make it more beautiful and personalized. Making your own wedding centerpieces not only gives a personal touch to your special day but you can also save a lot of money too.
The quality of your homemade centerpieces will depend on the amount of time you can afford in making them; as well on the quality of the products you are using and own skill. With a little help it is not very difficult to create these inexpensive wedding centerpieces. You can get ideas to make homemade centerpieces from bridal magazines or search a bit online. Let us start you on the way:

Customized homemade centerpieces
You can easily create a customized wedding centerpiece by using things that portray your personality or maybe stuff that is special to you. Like if you met your love on the beach you can create a centerpiece reminiscent of those days with shells, sands, etc. White candles really go well with shells.
Homemade beach wedding centerpieces
Homemade beach wedding centerpieces
Candles of different varying sizes placed in glass holders can make a very beautiful wedding centerpiece.
You can also make wedding centerpieces using seasonal fruits and matching them with wedding flowers. Each table can contain a unique centerpiece made of seasonal fruits placed in glass boxes and teamed up with wedding flowers of contrasting colors. They can give a totally new look and theme to your wedding.
You can always make your wedding centerpiece from floating candles. Add a dash of food color to the water and scatter flower petals in the bowl and around the bowl on the table to make it even more beautiful.
You can take ideas of making your centerpiece based on the season. If you are having a winter wedding you can try creating your centerpiece from pinecones or holly branches. For an autumn or spring wedding you can try the seasonal fruits wedding centerpieces.
Inexpensive wedding centerpieces
Beautiful Rosebowl Wedding Centerpiece
Beautiful Rosebowl Wedding Centerpiece
For inexpensive wedding centerpieces you can try creating the centerpiece from wedding flowers. You can use inexpensive wedding flowers for these centerpieces. You can arrange the flowers in a loose bunch and place them in a wicker basket or a pail. Some flowers look beautiful when they bound together tightly with a floral tape or floral wire and place them in a vase.
You can get your flowers from the local florist or even order them online. You can get all your other supplies for your centerpiece online as well, or you can even try at the local craft supplies shop. Decide on your idea and then go shopping online, you’ll be able to compare quality and prices as well in order to hit on the best deal. Go ahead and give your wedding a really special touch.

IB#30: Tiffany blues goes south

Yippie ... its trendy tuesdays! for those of you new to our site - welcome to our humble abode... and for those of you of our lovely fans - thank you for being with us. You know tuesdays is best for our creatives inspirations. And for our tuesdays inspire-boards, we begin with Tiffany blue & all the loves for the sourthern theme with the addition of the magnolias. This pretty palette is perfect for summer and quite the English Countryside theme due to its lovely blue nature. Once again tiffany blues got us swoon & sigh all over again!

Mood: something old, something blue, romantic, calm, peaceful
Palette: brown paper, cream, faded Tiffany blue, maya blue, powder blue, rustic blue
Season: Spring, summer
Photos: photo of oak trees with Spanish moss :: Liz Banfield ::  boy in seersucker suit :: Sarah Rhoads :: blue cardigan with vintage brooch styled :: Shana Faust :: miniature pecan pies and red velvet wedding cake ::  sugar magnolia flowers :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: blue chairs via Oh Happy Day :: magnolia flower :: Alicia Bock :: black & white :: A Bryan Photo :: vintage Mississippi stamp :: photo of vintage blue car :: Thayer Allyson Gowdy :: photo of vintage guest book journal :: Jenny Liu :: blue and lace ring pillow :: paper-wrapped grits favor :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: 

Source Snippetandink

Monday, July 25, 2011

IB#29: Country-classic & gold

Helo mondays! A brand new week has returned... now we're back to productivity & multi-tasking hihihi. Anyways we're also in the midst of finalizing our latest issue. Please bear with us- cos its gona be real soon till the next issue.. :)
In the mean time; here' a lil bit inspiration for the B2bs loves for country and favor for gold...
Note that we country themed & gold palette will always be a classic choice... perfect for the outdoors too.

Mood: Classic, countryside, intimate,
Season: Summer, Spring
Color: wooden-based colors, ivory, gold, beige, mocha, brown, faw, copper brown
Photos: Badgley Mischka silver gold pumps :: Badgley Mischka :: Coordination Marr Weddings :: Joann Arruda Photography :: Cake 4-tiered :: Floral :: Sprout :: La Dolce Vita Photography :: Rings Jewelry :: Erin Hearts Photography :: Stationery & paper designs :: Jill La Fleur :: Floral design :: Camillia Svensson Burns :: Jose Villa Photography :: Bride waiting :: Event design :: Amber Events :: Next Exit Photographer :: Reception decor & arrangement :: Event Planning :: Sarah Ward Events :: Floral design :: Rose Hip Floral :: Julie Mikos Photography ::

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Roundups

Hi lovelies! Hows your sundays? May it be a relaxing one like ours. OOhhhh we love this unwind moments ---
Well here are round-ups for the week...

[Vintage Wedding Ideas] 
[Inspire-me-boards (mon-fri)]
[Inspiration Tid bits]
  •  DIY wedding favor tips
[Thursday Heels Story]
[Friday Wedding inspirations]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage ideas: Lovely Decor

Hi sweet saturdays. Glad you're back with us. We have missed you much!.. hehehe
Anyways Vintage Inspirations Weekend is back too!

Source: aperfectcelebration.com
We love all the vintage ideas that we found throughout the net, reader's ideas & of course the research department. Vintage is fantastic. It combines both eras, creating a classic outcome in the current moment. If i were able to redo my wedding all over again; i would definitely add a vintage moment! what kinda vintage would you do over yours? So here are inspire-boards of La-Vintage themes...

Source: charcoalandlace.blogspot

Source: weddings-decor.blogspot

Source: Ruffles and Rouge

Source: Sang Maestro

Source: Wedding Nouveau

Friday, July 22, 2011

IB#28: Loves for plum, garnet & wine

Its fantastic fridays! One more day to weekend and im sure all of us are in plenty of lazy mode already!.. haha
Well for today's inspiration we still cant get enough of the purple kingdom palatte! I still find having a purple theme wedding, a gorgeous yet fantabulous do! Purples also gives the romance & mysterious vibe enough to make these brides sexy all over....

Mood: Sexy, mysterious aura, fabulous, fun
Season: Autumn, Winter
Colors: Plum, wine, tuscan redm garnet, burgandy
Photos: Bride & groom pose at garden :: Salt Habor Designs :: Millie Holloman Photography :: Silver spoons & tray decor :: Lisa Vorce Event Production :: Floral design :: Mindy Rice :: Elizabeth Mesina Photography :: Groomsmen & dessert cake :: Lisa Vorce Event Production :: Floral design :: Mindy Rice :: Elizabeth Mesina Photography ::: Purple wedding favors :: Event design :: Jubilee Events :: Robert & Kathleen Photography :: Centrepiece Reception Floral arrangement :: Cinematography :: Elysium Production :: Event design :: Inviting Occasion :: Sargeant Photography :: Wedding dress :: Event design :: Jubilee Event :: Robert & Kathleen Photography :: Invitiation decors :: Meg Perutti Photography :: Lavender 4-tiered wedding cake :: Event planning :: Fab.You.Lous Event & design :: Floral design :: Just Bloomed :: Photogen Inc :: Stylish groomsmen attire :: Event design :: Sonia Hopkins, XOXO Bride :: Braedon Flynn :: Bride with bridesmaids in purple frocks :: Coordination :: My Bride Story Wedding & Events :: Floral design :: Holly Flora :: Our Labor of Love Photography ::

Fab fridays: Bring on the Blings

Ola fabulous fridays! here's a lil something for Friday's Inspiration posts. We go these gorgeous frocks from Elisa Saab collection... enough to make us feel like fairies & pixies from the never neverland.... so pretty arent they...
P/s: who say a bride cant wear blings all the way?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

IB#27: Sweet Champagne & cake

Having champagne & cake reception is such a sweet and sophisticated way to celebrate your wedding. Though we imagined a venue with a rustic feel to it, this type of wedding could easily translate to a garden setting, reception hall, or historic building. Splurge on two or several gorgeous (and delicious) cakes, and buy champagne in bulk (some places will even let you return unopened bottles). Fabric rosettes appear on the bride’s dress and the table linens, lending a feminine and romantic touch. Not that good wedding cake needs improvement, but vintage forks with mother-of-pearl handles are a glamorous detail. Send guests home with pretty packages of chocolate truffles.

Mood: romantic and warm (with just a touch of rustic and vintage)
Color: champagne, sugar, rosé, pink, sunset, burnt sienna, copper
Photos: Rustic ceremony photo :: Mankas :: Thayer Allyson Gowdy :: wedding dress with rosettes ::  Rebecca Thuss :: peach ranunculus :: Aaron Delesie :: vintage-inspired wedding cake with sugar anemones :: April Reed :: Coconut cake slices :: Rebecca Thuss :: peach and gold dresses :: Cherry Blossom Girl :: Dress Design Decor :: Chocolate truffle wedding cake :: April Reed :: champagne bridesmaid dresses :: Aaron Delesie :: classic pink stationery :: Sugar Paper :: mother-of-pearl flatware :: pink ranunculus centerpiece ::  Saipua :: champagne chocolate truffles :: Martha Stewart Weddings :: Champagne bottles and rosette linens :: Aaron Delesie ::

Source: Snippetandink

Thursday Heelsday - Corsage me ankle

Brian Atwood sandals

Hello sweethearts! hows your day? hope its fabulous fabulous cos its Shoe Day today!
Today we want to show you how corsage & swarovski can really bring out the sexy look of a bride's accesories!

We present you...

Brian Atwood Aurora embellished satin sandals

The heel measures approximately 115mm/ 4.5 inches. Embellished with a floral corsage and shimmering Swarovski crystals, Brian Atwood's white satin sandals are a chic summer style. Brides-to-be: Wear this hand-signed pair with a ruffled dress and ivory box clutch for a directional sensational bridal look. 

These White satin pumps with a Swarovski crystal have an open toe, a faux-pearl embellished floral corsage at side and a wrap-around leather self tie at ankle. Is  quite a limited edition and have been hand-signed by the designer and also comes in a specially designed box. Also its currently on sale on brianatwood So what you waiting for?
*hurry hurry before they disapears..* :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Helo to Our new B2B - Ms Farah Love

Hello lovelies! hows the mid week going?
Anyways we got super news!... we got a New B2B in town! and we wana welcome Farah Love to our 'Follow B2b program" :) 

On this program: We are gona follow; tweet; and get all the scooop all about her wedding preparation & planning until her wedding day & also feature her among our featured brides on our Songket Affairs online too!

Welcome aboard sweetie! so cant wait! :)

Dont forget to follow us at twitter, FB and blog for more updates on her wedding! 


IB#26: Raspberry in the Summer

Hello loves. Its great to know wednesdays are back. To those of you still looking for inspirations; dont worry.. more inspire-me-boards coming your way... Moreover we will start new label as well by the color & season to ease your search. Good luck!
For today's inspiration- we dig deeper on the color dark pink; which we called 'raspberry' for this palatte. Point is we wana pursue more strong summer colors giving more a romancing magnetizing feeling which is more the trend these days. So to the brides-to-be; do take note that being bold is always sexy!

Mood: Stunning, Bold, sexy, trendy
Season: Summer
Color: Raspberry pink, electric crimson, cerise, persian red
Photos: Bride & groom after party :: Docuvitae Photography :: Table decor :: wedding coordinator :: Duet Weddings :: floral design :: Modern day Design :: Corbin Gurkin Photography :: Ombre hot pink wedding cake with 4-tiered :: Wedding planner :: Jubilee Lau Event :: Wedding design :: Gloria Wong Design :: Lisa Lefkowitz Photography :: Floral bouquet with bridesmaids :: Jennifer Lindberg Photography :: Floral & design Reception :: Event design :: Cynthia & Martyn Events :: Floral design :: Fuscia design :: Mimmo + Naz photography :: food & drink in reception :: Chenin Boutwell Photograohy :: desserts in reception :: Event planning :: Sarah Ward Events :: Floral design :: Rose Hip :: Julie Mikos Photographer :: Rings, invites & peonies :: Cake & Kisses Photography ::

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creatives tuesday: DIY wedding favor tips

Hi tuesdays lovelies! For today's Creatives inspirations we want to give you more on DIY favor packaging ideas. Especially when comes to malay wedding or asia wedding; where guests total attendance are norm 500-600 pax. So here are easy DIYs ideas  which you can instill them in your wedding without running further costs!

Dahlia Pouches
It may not be dahlia season just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't channel this flower's intense color and festive attitude here and now. For these eye-catching favor pouches, we used bright tissue paper to create a pattern that mimics that bold beauty, then tied on a tag bearing planting instructions, and verdant ribbon to pose as leaves. At home, guests will peel back the petals to reveal a dormant dahlia bulb brimming with potential and just waiting to take root.
  • You will need: Dahlia bulbs, Swan Island Dahlias
  • Tissue paper (we used colored tissue paper usually can get in stationary stores RM19.95 for 480 sheets) 
  • String or heavy thread
  • Ribbon
To wrap the bulb, stack two pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half side to side, then top to bottom.

IB#25: Lovely Pistachio & butter

Hi sweetpeas. Hope its a lovely day for u guys out there. Its hot hot hot here. More like summer is back for the week, which is why for this inspiration board; we opt for summer-like colors. For this green palette the colors comprises in between pistachio, clover, spring & pear greens.
What makes this theme unique is; we manage to combine with cream butter to keep the theme fresh and stunning; perfect for summer weddings loves.

Mood: Summer, fresh, garden weddings
Season: Summer, Spring
Colors: Pistachio, clover, cream butter, pastel
Photos: Bride & groom at vineyard :: Jose Villa Photography :: Door goft favor :: Polly Alexandre Photography :: Mirrors decor :: Docuvitae Photography :: Tea cup & save the dates :: Brides :: Wedding cake cream 3-tiered :: Floral design :: Wild Bunches Floral :: Kristi Wright Photographer :: Floral bouquet :: 4 Eyes Photography :: Dessert table decor :: True & Wesson design :: Anna Sawin Photography :: Pistachio colored bridesmaids dresses :: Wedding Italy :: Marisa Holmes Photography :: Bride's gown :: Event planning :: Beth Helmstetter :: Floral design :: Flower Wild :: Aaron Delesie Photography ::

Monday, July 18, 2011

IB#24: Smoke gets in my wedding

Omg a brand new week is here. Cant believe last weekend was over... wished it was a long one...
Anyways lets back to work.. since its monday blues for all, for today's inspiration we use the color smokey blue - more in between prussian blue & cambridge blue due to its rustic edges in a blue palatte. Since its close to grey, in order to prevent the dullness, we add-up with white and lil bit of lilac roses to bring out a lil romance from inside out.

Mood : romance, classic, calm
Season : Autumn, winter
Colors : Smokey blue, prussian blue, cambridge blue, lilac, cerulean, teal, white
Photos : Reception clubhouse overview :: Docuvitate Photography :: Candles decor :: Event design :: Yifat Oren :: Gia Canali Photography :: Cake :: Justin Marantz Photography :: Brides with bridesmaids :: Three Nails Photography :: Table setting decor :: Docuviate Photography :: Bridesmaids dress :: Bride :: Food & drink :: True & Wesson design :: Anna Sawin Photographer :: Favors :: Event design :: True Event :: Floral decor :: Sayles Livingston Flowers :: Leila Brewster Photography :: Birds decor :: Lisa Franchot Photography :: Flower centrepiece :: Cake & Kisses Photography ::

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Roundups

Hi all. hows the weekend so far? any interesting events in your weekend calender? Anyways here are the round-ups of the week :  
[Vintage Wedding ideas]
 [Inspire-me-boards (mon - fri) ]
[Inspirations Tidbits ]
[Thursday Heels Story]
 [Friday Wedding Inspirations]
  •  Decor Ideas (purple-and-chartreuse)
Have a fabulous weekend y'all :)