Sunday, June 26, 2011

La Vintage Wedding-cake Toppers

Hi all! hope u having a savvy weekend! Today we want to introduce to you our "Weekends La Vintage Wedding Ideas". We believe vintage ideas still play a huge influence in current wedding events & reception trend. Not only these ideas will always be classic also elegant to all kinds of wedding themes. Let's see how to incoporate them into your wedding!
Today lets begin with the lovely toppers on these gorgeous cakes. You dont need an overextravagant cake to pull off a beautiful wedding. Point is, simplicity is the key to a fabulous affair.

Made mainly from artificial flowers, these cake topper is custom-made and one-of-a-kind. What we like best about them, though, is that they are really all you would need to have a stunning, elegant wedding cake; in the photos a simple, white cake is elevated to an “Ahh”-worthy version with the addition of the topper. Plus, you could re-use it after your Big Day and impress friends and family at dinner parties when you whip out dessert.

:: hot pink floral :: creamy butterfly :: dusty rose :: pink & white rose :: white paper rose :: orange vibrant :: A dreamy union ::

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