Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are you who we looking for?

Are you engaged and to be married?.. do u know someone is?

We got good news~

We are looking for newly engaged & planning her wedding for our "Follow B2b Program"..

She must be:
  • Recently engaged or to be engaged (very soon)
  • Planning for her wedding (at least 5/6 months to go)
  • willing to share her wedding preparation & planning tidbits (from favors to pelamin to accesories to attire)
  • wouldnt mind having paparazzi when comes to her wedding hehee
  • reachable - phone, emails, fb & twitter
We will:
  • get frequent updates - all about her & her wedding
  • tweet, fb & blog - about her preparation & planning
  • tweet, fb & blog about her big day
  • interview & write her story
  • feature her as our Featured real brides in Songket Affairs Online.
So, do u know a perfect candidate for the role?
Come forward and we will surprise u with a special sumthing :)

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