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Fab fridays: Steal the Royal Look & Incoporate in your wedding

Hello hello there... Are you still having the royal wedding fever? haha.. Anways here are some look u can steal from the newlywed Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and lets incorporate them into our Asian wedding style...

1. The wedding gown
Eversince her engagement, Ms Middleton kept mum on her wedding dress designer and only to reveal to the world on that very morning of their nuptials. What a surprise that the new Duchess of Cambridge wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Reports by Clarence House said that “Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress,”
The gown bears the signature of the creative director of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, who said working with Kate was truly a “life experience”. The beautiful ivory long-sleeved lace gown was made from hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace. It has a plunging neckline with over six feet long train of princess cut skirt.
On the bottom of the dress there were floral models, applied manually, lace and tulle, representing roses, daffodils and clover leaves. Tulle underskirt was made ​​of silk and the back of the dress buttons of organza were implemented. Alas she also wore matching shoes made ​​at Studio Alexander McQueen from shiny ivory satin.
How to incorporate the look: 
the 'kebaya' wedding dress
In the Asian weddings, french lace has always been incorporated into bridal designs for many many years. As lace has always been maintained for their exclusivity when comes to wedding wear. These brides wore them into beaded chiffon and some wore them full length in various designs. The malay brial wears such as in baju kurung, jubah -style or even kebaya style or perhaps others bridal gown which also incorporate the lace into their sleeves or their satin tops. Although Kate's wedding dress has created a Huge popularity in the UK; truth is; she and her designer could be inspired by our asian cultural bridal designs :)
Where to get: Get your bridal lace from Jakel Trading - among largest bridal-wear centre in Kuala Lumpur – with over 2,000 colors and 500 label designs to choose from. Their collection varries from from French Lace, Korean Lace, Indian Lace and also Beaded Chiffon.   

Also different brides may have different type of body shapes (apple, pear, petite, tall etc). Do research what type of shape you have first. Then, work closely with your designers to find out which design best suits your body shape. Do you know different cuttings may able to enhance further your body shape? Eg. A boatneck can focus on your shoulders if you are big-chested, for small-chested: halterneck & plunge neck line may suits you with additional pad-up bridal lingerie. Also pear-shaped bodies are best with princess skirts, A line skirts and mermaid type skirts. If you are petite bride; do avoid puffy skirts as they make you more shorter.

2. The Hand bouquet
First of all do you know flowers are a symbol of certain meaning & sends a hidden message on special occasions? As flowers have always had religious, mythological and symbolic meanings. There’s a reason why Kate Middleton chose the flowers she wore them on her morning nuptials. Because they carries a special message she wants to express on that special day. Her bouquet shows a mixed of few types of flowers comprises - Lily of the valleys to symbolize the return of happiness; Sweet William flowers for gallantry; hyacinths for constancy of love; ivy for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affection; and myrtle, the emblem of marriage and love. The myrtle is actually from a plant that Queen Victoria planted in 1845, and was also used in the bouquet of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947.

Get her flowers: One things genius about Kate is she was carrying flowers that simply didn't overshine her wedding gown! She played by simplicity. So brides out there, be advise to hold bouquets that dont overdo your dress. Our featured bride told us regretfully that she had a strong color bouquet that almost outdo her own gown. Make sure you create your bouquet based on your gown design. Pastel colors or creme or white are always the best color coordination. Several types of hand bouquet: round type, beidermeir, posy, crescent etc.Top favorite flowers for hand bouquets: roses, hydrangea, Lily of Valley, tulips, peonies, daisy, orchid and lilies.


3. The Headpiece

The now Duchess of Cambridge, wore “something borrowed” too at the wedding. The bride wore on her head the wedding tiara that Queen Elizabeth II carried on at her own wedding in 1947. The Cartier 'Halo' tiara, which was made by the jewelry company in 1936, was lent to Middleton by Queen Elizabeth II. 
The tiara, created from diamonds, was acquired by King George VI for his wife, Queen Elizabeth, three weeks before his brother came to throne. The current queen, Elizabeth II, received the crown from her mother on the anniversary of 18 years old.

Get her tiara: Crowns & tiara has now made a comeback in the wedding accesories industry. There are various range of tiaras and headpiece can found at wedding retailers. One can choose to either to rent or to buy. Usually even if choose to buy, prices range can be from minimum RM30 to RM1,500 depending on the quality of the rhinestones design. However if brides prefer real tiaras with loose diamond settings on the headpiece, costs can go upto RM20,000. Usually big diamond retailers like Habib, Selberan and Faiq may have a few pieces. Right: rhinestone bridal tiara RM35.

4. The Matching Earrings
Catherine matched the tiara with a pair of earrings which was a gift from her parents, a special creation designed by Robinson Pelham. It was reported the earrings designs was worth 15 thousand pounds.
The earrings are diamond-set oak leaves with a pear-shaped diamond set drop and a pave set diamond acorn in the center. The simple design was meant not to overshadow her other accessories which was the tiara headpiece she wore on her morning nuptials.

Get her earrings: Brides out there advised to get accesories that matches their gown designs. Diamonds are the classic choice but elegant for reception.Pearls and colored stones (emerald, sapphire & ruby) in diamond settings also brings out the color of the gown. Below are earrings Hearts on fire by Habib Jewel. For more:

Also you may get matching sets from headpiece to earrings if you feel your wedding gown design is much simpler and have much lesser beadwork. Remember, simple look is classic yet elegant.

5.The Bridal Makeup
professionally trained by Arabella Preston
For make-up, the Duchess of Cambridge opt for doing her own makeup after taking lessons with expert Arabella Preston. Good part is the results were absolutely stunning. On her special occasion, Middleton went for a softly smoky eye, rimming her eyes in black liner and brushing her lids with a dove gray shadow. A rosy cheek and nude pink gloss finished the look. We were told that she used the makeup brand Bobbi Brown.
Get her look: Brides to be, if you're not sure what kind of makeup suits you; its suggested you do makeup research and find out which color suits you best. Be specific with your makeup artiste on the shades color, blush & liptstick beforehand. Best to do trial run before your big day with the potential shade colors and you may see if the colors suits your skin tone. Avoid bright and contrast shades if you wearing strong colored wedding attire.

6. The Hairstyle
As expected, she also wore her hair down in long, tumbling waves, a style that was courtesy of her longtime stylist James Pryce of the Richard Ward salon in London. The salon said in a statement, “Catherine’s bridal look is called the ‘Demi Chignon’—an updo style which combines a classic bridal look with a regal, couture finish,” The focus of the style was Catherine's unique and individual halo style tiara, set just back from the hairline, which determined the finished look.

The inside scoop about bride’s gorgeous down ‘do. Turns out, it was mostly her idea. “Catherine was very involved in her style and the look was her based on her personal preference,” they wrote to InStyle. “It was a matter of finding that balance between feeling natural and reflecting the occasion.”

Get her hairstyle: The style looks fairly simple, “The front was swept back in two sections on either side [of her head], and then twisted loosely and pinned gently at the back of the head,” as her hairstylists explained. “Her fringe was draped over her forehead to keep the style soft and romantic.”
Brides-to-be are advised to do research on hairstyles that suits their face shape, which is the most important to avoid bad-hair look. Be sure to to lots of hair trial runs with your hairstylist prior to their big day.

7. The Veil
Although a veil can be considered optional to some brides, but it can also meant a religious attire for those who were to be married in god's house and muslimah brides as well. Veils can be custom-made into various types; the length, the lace, bead-work, the finishing and the comb - all incorporating to a bride's personal preference & design.
For Kate Middleton, she opt for a mid-length veil which covers slightly her back and no longer than her train skirt. Her veil was meant to compliment her halo tiara and play simple. Again, Kate opts for simple elegance.

Get her veil: Brides-to-be, make sure your veil and your skirt length compliments each other. If you chose to wear a long train skirt, be sure to opt for a middle-length veil. Why? because a veil too long or too short can make you look either taller or shorter. For Muslimah brides; make sure your veil is double-layered with chiffon or cotton to avoid transparency look in your veil. Perhaps to get a seperate cream or light colored selendang / hijab to wear underneath your veil. Always do research on what kind of veil that best suits you. Dont rely so much on others as only you are the one who knows what look best works for you.
For more on muslimah veils: click here
Below: 1 Tier Ivory Chapel Length Wedding Veil with Pearls - no comb (RM 40)


8. Her Reception Gown
After her wedding ceremony and luncheon, the Duchess of Cambridge changed into an evening gown by the same designer, Alexander McQueen for her nighttime reception which was hosted by her father-in-law Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. The gown was much simpler than the other one. Later in the evening, Kate adoned in strapless satin gown featured a sweetheart neckline, circle skirt, and an embellished waistband. Her fnishing touch was to pair the dress with a cropped white mohair cardigan.

Get her style: High-waisted gown is definitely back in trend together with the cicle-skirts. Usually body shapes that best matches this design is tall and slender. Kate's height was reportedly 5 ft 10, which is no wonder she fits into Princess cut and circle cuts effortlessly. However, if you are a petite bride, do Avoid A-skirt as they can make you look shorter. Always make sure brides out there work closely with their designers on gown that suits best to their body shapes.

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