Monday, April 25, 2011

Verdict poll result - for things we Most Remember from Weddinga

Helo all, during the early days of month April, we had a POLL SURVEY on FACEBOOK on things WE MOST REMEMBER after attending a wedding?... 
--- after almost 1 month we came to a verdict that majority votes goes to  "ALL ABOUT THE DECOR, PELAMIN, FLOWERS' and "'the venue & the FOOD"... Surprisingly...its a almost a tie betwen those two with 1 vote... well now we know FOOD is equally important to  WEDDING DECOR hehe

So brides-to-be's out there., do take note & make sure your food is as good as the wedding :)

Btw for those of you havent answer the poll; you're welcome to & answer at our Facebook page .. 
>>> click here to VOTE
for now ratings poll are almost a tie between "ALL ABOUT THE DECOR, PELAMIN, FLOWERS' and "'the venue & the FOOD"... 
click on link above and make your choice ! :)

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