Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays: Gift ideas for the maidens

Hi loves!.its been a spring cleaning day for us... and in the cleaning sessions; we found so many potential girlie girlie items that we could use for gifts if we had kept them properly..hehe so you brides our there looking for the perfect bridesmaid gifts - here's some ideas for you to check out...

Bridesmaids' gifts are a way  of gesture to say “thank you” to your friends for supporting you and helping out on the most important day of your life. Usually they're the ones who are your right hands on your big day and of course you don't want to spend your first anniversary talking about your bridesmaid gift horror stories. The best bridesmaid gift ideas are ones that are personal yet practical. Nothing says personal and practical like a handbag or girlie goodie items. We're talking about things which are  fun, neutral, and all in one gifts for bridesmaids.

First all of; brides-to-bes have to determine the budget they want to spend on their bridesmaids. And how many bridesmaids are you looking to give? Given our traditional customs; bridesmaids can go up to 13 girls (depending on total amount of 13 trays were exchanged during the wedding ceremony..)

The in-style modern bridesmaid doesn't want the kind of gift her great-grandmother would like. She wants something unique, fashionable, and practical. Haute couture handbags and shoulder bags make great bridesmaid gifts. Even if your budget dictates that you substitute “faux” for “haute” – you'll still be in your bridesmaids' good graces. Who wouldn't want a stylish, colorful handbag as a gift?
 With prices ranging anywhere from just under RM20 to RM40, you can buy some pretty fancy celebrity-inspired bags or a perfect goodie bag!It's supposed to be bad luck to give a purse without any money in it, so be sure to tuck a dollar bill inside first. Want to personalize the gift even further? Add a personal, hand-written note to the inside of the handbag. Excited? You should be! These are going to be the best bridesmaid gifts ever.

Moreover nothing says you have to buy the same bridesmaid's gift for each bridesmaid. Bridesmaid gifts should be as unique and personal as the person you're giving it to. Consider your bridesmaids and their personalities before picking out the bridesmaids' gifts

Unique ideas for bridesmaid gifts

Here are some top bridesmaid gift ideas based on common personality traits:
The Athlete: Consider a personalized beach towel, tote bag (great for carrying gym stuff), or personalized sun visor or cap.
The Pamper Lover: Perfect for those who loves to pamper themselves such as spa items, body lotion & wash, bath beads & salts, compact mirror, bath-goodie bag, meni & pedi kits, spa vouchers etc
The Romantic: Creative bridesmaid gifts for this person might include a personalized makeup bag, a pendant initial on a chain, or perhaps a charm bracelet. The romantic will especially appreciate bridesmaid jewelry.
The One who Loves to Cook: The best bridesmaid gifts for this person might include a personalized apron, a tote bag filled with gourmet ingredients and cook books, or a gift basket filled with interesting food items.


Still not sure? Research your bridesmaid gifts online where there can be endless possibilities and all sorts of  price within your budget. Also always keep your heads up whenever there is 70% end/mid year sale (Malaysia Mega Sale April & September) and perhaps you'll often find clearance or sale items of these bridesmaid gifts!

Remember, there's no rule that says you have to buy all of your bridesmaids the same gift. Besides, it's your wedding. You can make your own rules!

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