Friday, April 22, 2011

*Fancy Treats: A Cake feast for the Wedding

Back to wedding & food related, for some brides having the perfect wedding cake is among the most important item 'must haves' in a wedding event. A wedding cake not only signifies the wedding, it also has to be a traditional with a large multi-tiered heavily decorared with icing over marzipan or fondant.

However, when comes to wedding cakes expertise.. no deny we can give round applause to Just Heavenly with their wedding cakes specialization 

"In addition to our custom catering and site presentation, we create exquisite wedding cakes and specialty cakes for all occasions.  Our cakes come in many luscious flavors, with choices of icings and fillings.   Using only the finest ingredients, our cakes are always homemade,  fresh....and well....heavenly!

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Must say the cakes did taste so good ... 

However, prior ordering, just make sure make inquiries first on the pricing, size & decor..

Cos the average very nice looking & edible wedding cakes inKL price range norm is from RM350 and above. And the price goes up higher with more icing, more decor & more colors.. so be sure to call first...

and dont forget brides-to-be, always bring your cake design idea to your bakery so that they wont overdo the decor and overcharge you later on.

Moreover if you like to serve your guests with your wedding cake, dont forget to do cake-tasting first!
And to add more splurge on wedding cake, add more tiers & more flowers icing..

**For money savers; use real/artificial flowers in between rather than flower icing and limit your layer to 2-tier instead.

**Also money savers for reception cake-cutting, add 1-2 bottom-layer fake cake and add the 2-tier  edding cake on top. And then decor flowers around both cake & bottom fake cake to blend both sides.
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