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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fab fridays: Invitation to Wed

Wedding is one of the most significant events in one's life. Most of people hope their wedding to be perfect and memorable. As a result, they have to consider lots of things before their big day, such as choosing the perfect wedding invites. The wedding invitations are the first element of the wedding your guests are going to see. It is only normal to wish for the best and to look around for the best.

A wedding invite does tell the story of the upcoming nuptials, perhaps a gist about the bride & groom, or even about the entire affair itself such as the theme colors. Usually wedding invitations can be in many ranges, some may like elegant and simple cards, some prefer funny ones, and even some like unusual & unique versions.

When you decide the wedding date and your wedding dress, choosing a wedding invitation appropriately should be taken into consideration. As we all know, wedding invitations play an important role in the wedding planning process. Your family members and friends are able to know where the wedding ceremony will be held, what date and what kind of wedding ceremony they will attend clearly. This kind of invitation not only offers all the information to your guests, but also reflects your style and the style of your wedding. Here is what to consider when getting the best invitations.
  • Formality vs style of your wedding - Is it a formal or casual wedding? If its a casual one, invitations  can be personalised completely. Using  imagination to its fullest ability by adding various color, photographs and images in the design giving a different and refreshing look. If its formal, it means there are wedding ettiques for guests to follow. Some “rules”such as proper dresscodes, itenary and time. And colors of formal invites usually are cream with black text or white.
  • Wedding theme. Depends on preference. If prefer a Hawaiian themed , invitations could contain pictures of Hawaiian flowers and hulas. If its a wedding held on beach, it can be printed with favorite images of beach or sea. Or if its going to be a traditional wedding, may choose materials which look like very old and be written for many years. Moreover, if want memorial meaning, could add special illustrations on  the invitations. For example, a man fell in love with a girl when he first saw the girl dancing on the stage. Later, they decide to get married. Then again, it all depends on the theme wedding.
On the other hand, if your wedding date is around the corner, you’re too busy looking for the perfect wedding invitations. You do not spend much time in testing for the design of the wedding invitation. Your only job is to simply figure out the type of invite you want by simply browsing around, then the suppliers will have to be willing to consider co-designing your choice of invite as according to your wishes and desires. 

If you have more time, do pay a visit to stationary outlets or invitation cards retailer or wedding card designers to have a look at their sample designs. Better yet, using technology through web searches make our lives much more easier as we can easily access to retailers websites wedding cards designs & samples.

Most important factors when chosing the most elegant wedding invitations:-
  • Determining your budget - Check the qualities & sizes of the invite papers. the thicker & more pages you need for your cards; the more pennies coming out from your pocket.
  • Do ask for packages deals. Some printers may gave extras such as paperbags, printed wedding favors (coasters, name rsvp etc) and thank-you cards as well.
  • Make sure we as customers must be provided either in form or in form of customization work - Although there are many providers who are ready, copy of these cards. Apparently, when it comes to wedding etiquette there are some rules and regulations to consider. That is why retailers and designers have taken their time to create a special section for this particular aspect.
  • Do extensive research in your invites content wording. It is one of the most important aspects of the wedding etiquette for wording wedding invitations to be all well & proper. After all, the wording should be a combination of standard rules and personal inspiration. A  good wedding invitation wording certainly brings in the most simple & elegant styles in a society that remains forever. 
  • Dont forget your wedding signature or logo. As a logo signifies your wedding card to be unique and it differentiates yours from others.
  • Make sure you dont overprint and always stick to the number of guests you want to invite. Although the more quantity gives you cheaper prices; but you will endup wasting earth resources by printing too many extras.
  • Venue & Time. It is important you get the location wedding addresses right so that you dont end up sending your guests to another location. It will be more helpful to add maps & directions to the wedding venue and dresscode. 
  • Always READ-PROOF after deciding on the wedding invitation wording. Make sure you get the salutations right. (Dato sri, Tan sri, Yg Bhg.. etc)
  • Make sure the printer must present you at least once MOCK-UP prior printing. You dont want to end up with a bunch of wrong spellings or wrong location printed on your invites.
  • Time frame deadline. Always give extra printing time (1/2 weeks prior delivary date) to make room for unexpected circumstances such as delay in transportation, printing delay etc etc.
Here are some sample invitation cards. Note that some are more personalised than others and some can be rather simple but unique designed. Most important of all, always research to find the best elegant design that suits you. Not only will look good to your guests, also potrayed a well-mannered wedding ettique which is simple but classy yet elegant!

diy invites

Personalised custom-made with brooch

oriental yet classy

a sample unique invite using facebook design since the couple met from facebook :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays: Gift ideas for the maidens

Hi loves!.its been a spring cleaning day for us... and in the cleaning sessions; we found so many potential girlie girlie items that we could use for gifts if we had kept them properly..hehe so you brides our there looking for the perfect bridesmaid gifts - here's some ideas for you to check out...

Bridesmaids' gifts are a way  of gesture to say “thank you” to your friends for supporting you and helping out on the most important day of your life. Usually they're the ones who are your right hands on your big day and of course you don't want to spend your first anniversary talking about your bridesmaid gift horror stories. The best bridesmaid gift ideas are ones that are personal yet practical. Nothing says personal and practical like a handbag or girlie goodie items. We're talking about things which are  fun, neutral, and all in one gifts for bridesmaids.

First all of; brides-to-bes have to determine the budget they want to spend on their bridesmaids. And how many bridesmaids are you looking to give? Given our traditional customs; bridesmaids can go up to 13 girls (depending on total amount of 13 trays were exchanged during the wedding ceremony..)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fab fridays: Find-your-perfect-ring

Finding the perfect wedding ring is not as easy as it sounds. Given the budget factor,traditional circumstances (note that muslim men can only wear platinum, silver or titanium (no gold allowed) and personal preference makes it more harder to get the right wedding bands. Moreover it is unlikely that both the bride and the groom will like the same style of rings, so it is important to find a compromise that would make both sides happy.
Although this might go against some tradition, but shopping for a wedding ring together as a couple makes more sense. This way both of you can see available styles, and find something that each other likes.
  1. What are your choices for wedding rings?

When it comes to wedding rings, choices are endless. Modern jewelers offer a great variety of materials and styles that can make you go confuse. You can get rings made of yellow or white gold, platinum, titanium or sterling silver. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Yellow gold is a classic wedding ring or band material. 
  • Titanium is durable, modern and fashionable, but along with 
  • Platinum titanium rings are awfully expensive. 
  • Sterling silver is the cheapest, but it is not very durable, so if you plan to wear your wedding band on daily basis silver is not a good choice. 
  • White gold on the other hand seems to be more in trend nowadays catching up to the demand of yellow gold - its latest design settings gives more of a platinum feel & classy look. 
  • Rose gold is the next trend in line giving a rustic yet classic feel.

There are many styles as well - plain bands, antique and vintage wedding rings, Celtic style bands. You can get rings without any gem stones, or with jewels. Most popular of course are diamonds, you can get a single diamond ring or a diamond-encrusted band. And not forgetting the 4C's (cut, color, clarity, carat)  and the types of preferred designs which you need to know first hand when buying a diamond ring. There are plenty to go about from single-stone setting to multiple settings in variety ranges of designs.

However, after researching & window shopping - if yet you both can’t agree on the style that both like, do consider buying unmatching wedding rings. After all, everybody has different taste, and you will have to respects another person’s preferences. Besides its no harm getting different wedding bands as it becomes more popular recently; as this way each person can get the ring she or he likes the most.

2. Buying wedding rings at reasonable price

Wedding rings are not hard to find items; every jewelry shop always has plenty to offer. Most stores have hundreds of different styles and catalogues for you to order your rings. So be prepared to go shopping for your rings in advance, so you have time for ordering the bands you like, rather than buying what is available in the store. Shopping in advance not only can save your pennies but also can buy you more time for resizing & engravings services.

The best would be to do your research first to find out what are the likes, the styles, the materials and the designs you like best. Researching can be by asking-around, window shopping, brochures-looking and even by browsing wedding rings online. There are many jewelry stores that sell wedding bands online and you can research the types setting you desire by just sitting in your chair, instead of running all over the town chasing jewelry shops. After you find the material and the style of ring you like, always compare the prices. If you want to purchase online, do check the store's credentials. Take your time and compare the prices with other retailers too. By researching, not only you will narrow down your search when you do your ring-shopping, also you wont be easily blinded into buying the available blings blings paraded at the store. Also to keep in check with your budget always.

If you would like to splurge more your wedding rings; regularly check on Sales & Promotions of major jewellery retailer stores so that you can get the best buys and the best bargains. Of course dont be shy to ask for discount as you may be entitled for it if you purchase withthe store's merchant bank credit cards (eg HSBC, Cimb etc) And always keep your eyes open for Mega Sale (Malaysia's Mega Huge sale comes in Apr & Sept annually) and Annual jewellery exhibitions & fairs. Like that you can compare the prices and spend more wisely!

For those of your ring-shoppers; check out Habib Diamond Fest Prmotion going on from 1st April to 2nd May. Lots of best buys too!

A Wedding Shout Out for the Newlybride

such a glowing bride
 Morning mondays! hope u guys had a fab weekend..

Anyways a big shout out Congrats to our Bride-2-be now a Newlybride Najla Rahman and hubby Azhar for getting hitched last saturday nite! It was held at the bride's residence at Tmn Melawati, KL. We're delighted that our staff get to witness their special moments. such a lovely ceremony.. :).. cant wait next for their June reception!

Congrats again to the happy couple & all the best in their new marital journey.

and u guys out there... have a happy monday yeah!

minutes right before akad

Verdict poll result - for things we Most Remember from Weddinga

Helo all, during the early days of month April, we had a POLL SURVEY on FACEBOOK on things WE MOST REMEMBER after attending a wedding?... 
--- after almost 1 month we came to a verdict that majority votes goes to  "ALL ABOUT THE DECOR, PELAMIN, FLOWERS' and "'the venue & the FOOD"... Surprisingly...its a almost a tie betwen those two with 1 vote... well now we know FOOD is equally important to  WEDDING DECOR hehe

So brides-to-be's out there., do take note & make sure your food is as good as the wedding :)

Btw for those of you havent answer the poll; you're welcome to & answer at our Facebook page .. 
>>> click here to VOTE
for now ratings poll are almost a tie between "ALL ABOUT THE DECOR, PELAMIN, FLOWERS' and "'the venue & the FOOD"... 
click on link above and make your choice ! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Come & grow-with-us!

Hi all. we got good news! 
We are currently creating a team to grow with us.. 
Are u interested?
For more details; email us songketaffairs@gmail.com 
hope to hear from you soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011

*Fancy Treats: A Cake feast for the Wedding

Back to wedding & food related, for some brides having the perfect wedding cake is among the most important item 'must haves' in a wedding event. A wedding cake not only signifies the wedding, it also has to be a traditional with a large multi-tiered heavily decorared with icing over marzipan or fondant.

However, when comes to wedding cakes expertise.. no deny we can give round applause to Just Heavenly with their wedding cakes specialization 

"In addition to our custom catering and site presentation, we create exquisite wedding cakes and specialty cakes for all occasions.  Our cakes come in many luscious flavors, with choices of icings and fillings.   Using only the finest ingredients, our cakes are always homemade,  fresh....and well....heavenly!

just heavenly.biz (blog)

Must say the cakes did taste so good ... 

However, prior ordering, just make sure make inquiries first on the pricing, size & decor..

Cos the average very nice looking & edible wedding cakes inKL price range norm is from RM350 and above. And the price goes up higher with more icing, more decor & more colors.. so be sure to call first...

and dont forget brides-to-be, always bring your cake design idea to your bakery so that they wont overdo the decor and overcharge you later on.

Moreover if you like to serve your guests with your wedding cake, dont forget to do cake-tasting first!
And to add more splurge on wedding cake, add more tiers & more flowers icing..

**For money savers; use real/artificial flowers in between rather than flower icing and limit your layer to 2-tier instead.

**Also money savers for reception cake-cutting, add 1-2 bottom-layer fake cake and add the 2-tier  edding cake on top. And then decor flowers around both cake & bottom fake cake to blend both sides.
just heavenly edibles site