Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Birdie Corner - Tips for Brides-to-be

Once a month in our Songket Online we will feature a 2 page-section especially for brides to be and more tips on wedding planning. 

For month March our mag featured tips about Wedding Registry for Mix Marriages (the Non-Malaysian, & Foreigners with the locals) for both Muslim & Non Muslim Marriages.

Marriage Registry (For Muslim Mix Marriages)

1)    Conversion- if converted overseas (make sure you have the certs with you) – if you haven’t, convert at the Islamic centre located at (Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan Kompleks Pusat Islam, Jalan Perdana, 50676 Kuala Lumpur)

*Be sure to bring 2 witnesses and your passport.

2)    Get a marital status certificate from your country of origin ( Australians, get it from registry birth, death and marriages or letter from employer stating marital status.

3)    Make an appointment with the embassy of your country and apply for the Status of No Impediment letter, bring along the marital certification to speed things.

4)    Then head to Malaysian Immigration with the No Impediment letter, Passport, 2 copies of bride and groom photos to get the immigrations approval in getting married in Malaysia (don’t forget to fill in the form.)

5)    For foreigners, Marriage courses aren’t a requirement, however, for Malaysian muslim is a must, if you want your spouse to come along with you and learn about Muslim Marriages go to ABIM ( they arrange English marriage courses) Islamic Outreach ABIM (

6).. **to read more pls go to our Songket Affairs Online

Marriage Registry (For Non-Muslim Mix Marriages)
For those Malaysians marrying foreigners, registering a marriage is slightly complicated than the normal registering practices. However, dont worry because it can still be easily done at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or by private civil marriage registrars.

The following guide of Marriage Registration Procedures at JPN For Malaysians Marrying Foreigners

1)   To apply for A Declaration of the foreign partners marital status (single, divorced, widow/widower) has to be made and attested at a notary public.

Ensure at least two original copies are attested for submission to the relevant authorities.

2)    Apply for a Single Status Letter (SSL) from the relevant High Commission or Embassy in Malaysia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (Wisma Putra) with the attested declaration.

If the letter is not in English, a translated version will be required for submission to JPN. If the foreign partner is from China (Taiwan), Indonesia, India (Sri Lanka), Phillipines, Myanmar, Vietnam or Thailand, an additional approval letter from the Marriage/Divorce Division of JPN is required before the relevant documents can be submitted for the registration of marriage.
The documents required as follows (to continue read more pls go to our Songket Affairs Online
**For more tips,stay tuned for more of our wedding planning tips & guide --soon

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